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"THe Vision"

How it all started for me and where it is going to take you… At the very beginning of my personal training career, I had the vision of owning my own gym. The more I trained the more I wanted to learn how to perform and coach exercises correctly. A mentor/friend would constantly remind me of how important it is to coach proper technique.


Here comes CrossFit! Watching it from a competitive standpoint, I knew I had to try it. What is this “CrossFit OPEN”, I hear about? After receiving my CrossFit L-1 Certification, I had the opportunity to coach at CrossFit Eden. During that time, I had a chance to experience “The OPEN”. Wow! It was more than showing up, completing a tough workout, and going home ready to repeat it again. This particular CrossFit event was called “Friday Night Lights”. The event began with a selection of teams, but these were no ordinary teams. The teams consisted of teens, coaches, beginner CrossFit members, moms, dads, and serious competitors.  Not only were they coming together to compete, but also to encourage others and share the same experience of a tough WOD (Workout of the Day). This is where I experienced the impact CrossFit can have on a community. With CrossFit friendships are forged.  Through these friendships we learn that we all face similar struggles and workout for the same reason, which is to improve our health and wellness through CrossFit.



This is where you come in. Yes, YOU. Up until this point, Danville has not been home to a CrossFit Gym. The closest CrossFit Gyms are located 30 minutes to an hour away. With the City of Danville growing, I saw a need for a CrossFit community here.  For this reason, Dominion CrossFit was born. Dominion CrossFit was created for all persons with the goal of improving their health and fitness. If you are new to fitness, an athlete, or someone looking for something new, Dominion CrossFit is for you. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PHYSICAL FITNESS TODAY.

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